Switch and Outlet Services

Switches are most commonly used prior to entering a dark room to illuminate your path. Once you turn on the light, you may plug in a cell phone or run a vacuum. Switches have moving parts inside. They eventually degrade with time and crumble. They look great on the outside, but worn out on the inside. Outlets are constantly being plugged into, as a result their ports become loose, the outlet degrades and potential for arcs and fire exists. Over time, these devices will need to be replaced.

Switches and Outlet Repair in Lawrenceville, GAElectrical upgrades and repairs aren’t items that most homeowners should attempt on their own. Even repairing or adding new electrical switches and outlets may cause harm if done improperly. It may seem like a simple task for some, but loose connections can create arcs and fires if not done properly. It’s especially problematic if the wiring is old or damaged in any way. When attempting a project that involves electricity, make safety the number-one priority.

Many home renovations and upgrades include moving or adding outlets and switches. For the most part, Electrical Services require a licensed technician to do the work. A highly skilled electrician is up to date on current rules and regulations when adding new lines or rewiring existing ones. Ensuring that outlets are grounded can prevent electrical fires and injuries caused by electric shock.

GFCI outlets and location requirements

As most may know, a GFCI outlet is required in a kitchen or bathroom. However, did you know that they are also required in the areas listed below?

  • Laundry rooms
  • Crawl spaces
  • Attic spaces
  • Utility rooms
  • Finished and unfinished basements
  • Near hot tubs and pools
  • Anywhere outside.
  • Garages

Electrical safety is a must when working in areas where water is present, such as in a kitchen, bathroom, structures around a pool, laundry room, basement, and even the garage. Equipping a room with GFCI outlets provides the highest level of safety for areas where water is nearby. What does GFCI stand for? It stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter and plays an essential role in cutting the power when a ground fault is detected.

When is it time to change outlets and switches?

On average, devices (switches and outlets) don’t last more than 20 years. Consider a whole house redevice if you experience the following:

  • The age of the home is 20 years old or more. Even though they look great on the outside, the internal parts are worn out.
  • Loose outlet prongs
  • 2 prong outlets. You typically need the 3rd prong for the grounding.
  • Outlets that are not tamper-resistant
  • GFCI outlets have a small computer board inside, they need to be updated to ensure safety.
  • Visible burn marks on the face of an outlet
  • Hot or warm outlets and switches
  • Sparking noises, or even visible arching.

Set the Mood With a Dimmer Switch

Light switches wear with age, much as outlets do. When a light or wall switch clicks loudly or sparks when it’s turned on, it’s time to replace it. Take this opportunity to consider upgrading to a light switch with a dimmer. Dimmer switches work with any light fixture and allow different degrees of brightness by simply adjusting the setting on the light switch.

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