Electrical Inspection Services

Most homeowners in Lawrenceville, GA think very little of their electrical systems until problems begin to develop. These systems operate mostly behind the walls, and because electricity is an unseen force, we often disregard its dangers.

It is important to remember that the wiring systems in homes require regular maintenance to keep them operating properly. Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect to seek this integral service for their homes. At Fabri Electric, homeowners will have peace of mind in knowing their electric systems are operating safely and effectively.

Electrical Inspection Services in Lawrenceville, GAUnderstanding the Components of Electrical Inspections

When we carry out an electrical inspection, it is our goal to find any safety issues and take care of repairs right away. An inspection certifies the safety of any electrical system, whether in a residential or commercial setting.

We will inspect all wiring, switches, outlets, appliances, and other components to check for wear and tear and damage. We will also ensure all appliances meet or exceed the legal safety standards in the United States.

The primary guideline for electricians performing an inspection is the National Electric Code. The NEC is a code that every electrician in the United States must operate under. Failure to follow this code could result in immediate certification removal. The NEC guides electricians on the safe parameters of electrical system operation.

Once we complete your electrical system inspection, we will provide you with a fully detailed report that outlines everything we discovered. We will alert homeowners of any dangers that require immediate attention, and we will also provide information on improvements and possible upgrades. If any repairs are necessary, we can take care of these issues for you with our expert Electrical Services.

When Should You Schedule an Electrical Safety Inspection?

Homeowners need to remain on a specific schedule to ensure they seek electrical inspections regularly. These inspections allow homeowners to protect their family members and properties. The following offers insight into some of the times homeowners should schedule an electrical safety inspection.

Homeowners should always schedule an electrical inspection by a qualified electrician before purchasing a home. An electrician can determine if the electrical system of the home is working safely or if there are any NEC violations.

If a home is over 40 years old, inspections need to be carried out because the electrical system could be outdated or have suffered damages.

Homeowners will also need to schedule an electrical inspection any time they add a new appliance. This inspection can help homeowners determine if their current wiring supports or is prepared for the new appliance addition.

When major renovations occur, inspections should follow. Homeowners should never attempt to handle any new wiring by themselves. Doing so can put their families in danger.

Electrical Inspection Services in Lawrenceville, GAUnderstanding the Benefits of Electrical Inspection Services

Homeowners must understand the benefits of electrical inspection services so they will be encouraged to seek them often. The following are some of the significant advantages homeowners in Lawrenceville, GA experience with our inspections.

  • The inspection ensures the safe operation of a home’s electrical system and all its components.
  • These inspections allow electricians to discover any safety violations or improper installations.
  • We will be able to find any outdated wiring that needs to be replaced.
  • We will identify any wiring and components that have become worn over time.
  • We will correct any fire or safety hazards
  • These inspections help homeowners meet the requirements of risk assessments from insurance companies.

You should never purchase a home or make upgrades without going through an electrical inspection. You should have these electrical inspections carried out every five to ten years, depending on the above suggestions and how they apply.

Call For an Electrical Inspection Today

Keeping an electrical system operating safely is essential for home and business owners. When wiring issues and other concerns arise, the risk of electric shock and fire greatly increase.

If you cannot remember the last time your home’s electrical system was inspected, it is time to call us right away to schedule an appointment. Inspections protect your family and give you peace of mind.

Electrical systems can degrade over time and may need upgrading as they become outdated. Allow us to provide these valuable services for your home.

At Fabri Electric, we are committed to providing safe, affordable, and reliable electric services for homeowners. Our team of contractors is highly trained, and we bring over 18 years of experience to the table. There is a reason so many homeowners rely on our services, and that reason is that we treat their homes like our own.

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